The African Forum for Mobility and Development (TAFMOD) is a non-governmental organization registered with the ministry of Internal Affairs –National NGO Board under registration No: S.5914/8895 with an aim of promoting sustainable transport and mobilizing cyclists as an alternative mode of transport in the Kampala City.

As a local NGO advocating for sustainable urban mobility for efficiency, economic growth, environmental protection and social well being and sustainable transportation system in Uganda through lobbying government and all the officials in the transport sector especially Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA), ministry of works and transport, Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) into providing infrastructure for non motorized mobility in the city. The policy document on transport would be the basis for providing for cyclists and pedestrians to have a right of way just like any other road user. TAFMOD and Goudappel Africa have embarked on engaging the policy makers and implementers in this country to adapt to sustainable transport modes and all inclusive transport planning.

Goudappel Africa

Goudappel Africa is a land use, traffic and transport company. The main goal is provide maximum advice that maximizes the integration of land use and transport systems, as well as traffic management for sustainable transport systems because Africa is “on the move”.

We believe in offering practical solutions that are both technical and administrative and are, therefore, implementable as cities cope with growth challenges. Research based studies on land use and sustainable transport planning are conducted in order to provide appropriate advice to our clients. We aim at advocating for sustainable transport modes for efficiency, economic growth, environmental protection and social well being. We, particularly, advocate for cycling as a means of transport in urban areas in Uganda.

Kampala Cycling

Kampala Cycling is a project by LYMPDA. Lubya Youth ManPower Development Agency (LYMPDA) is a local humanitarian organization that use sport and play to affect behavioural change amongst children and youth in the poorest communities of Kampala; Registered with the district of Kampala (Kampala City Council) as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) Reg.No. LUB/108.


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