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Transportation Today

This important page will provide statistical data and other information to summarize the main situation with regard to how people are getting around in Kampala today. It will hopefully provide sections covering:

• Key statistical indicators and trend information
• Main concerned institutions and agencies
• Citizen groups, NGOs working in this area
• Pedestrianization and walking
• Cycling provision and support
• Infrastructure situation and projects
• Road building and maintenance
• Cars and parking
• Private buses
• Public transport
• Motorized two/three wheelers
• Taxis and Boda-Boda
• School transport
• Services/provisions for handicapped and elderly
• Key concerned institutions and their roles
• Funding and fares
• Topographical, climate and other limitations/constraints
• Air quality indicators
• Public health indicators
• Accidents and deaths, related to traffic

This may seem loke a lot and it is. But as it stands here today it is still incomplete. The fact is that the mobility sector in Kampala is huge, touches everybody, complex, full of contradictions, barriers . . and opportunities. What we hope that the Streets of Kampala will do will be to encourage new thinking about transport in Kampala, and to introduce the voices of independent active citizens to provide another speaking partner for government and other decisions in the sector.

[Please help us to complete this list and to start to provide useful background on each of these important categories.]


Get behind the Streets of Kampala

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About Key Sources

If you look down on the right column you will see a section entitled Key Sources, which is still in its early stages but nonetheless already a useful source of information and perspective on sustainable transportation in and around cities in Africa.

Please consider this an open invitation to inform us about key sources which you think will be of use not only to those in Kampala trying to deal with the problems of improving transportation and safety on their streets, but also more generally to anyone with a serious interest in sustainable transport, sustainable cities and sustainable lives.

Getting started

11 September 2011: Welcome to the first modest steps toward creating a collaborative website and information base for projects and programs in support of sustainable transport in the beautiful city of Kampala, but also with an eye to providing information and insights that will be useful in other cities in Uganda and indeed the rest of Africa. Continue reading