Getting started

11 September 2011: Welcome to the first modest steps toward creating a collaborative website and information base for projects and programs in support of sustainable transport in the beautiful city of Kampala, but also with an eye to providing information and insights that will be useful in other cities in Uganda and indeed the rest of Africa.

Kampala’s first Car Free Day

Thank you for being patient with us in these first weeks, during which our attention will be focused on providing materials and references in support of Kampala’s first-ever Car Free Day, which is to take place on 14 October 2011. There is a great deal that needs to be done in the few weeks ahead of us, but with good team work and a little help from our friends this will, we are sure, be a great success – both as an event in itself but also as the first step in a process that will, step by step, lead to streets and a mobility system that works for all.

The Streets of Kampala

This site is intended both to lay a broad base in support of Kampala’s first CFD, and no less important to provide a continuing platform that will in the months and years to come to support citizen participation in the move to a truly sustainable, fair and efficient transport system for the city and the surrounding region.

Facebook group site:

in order to help us in moving along on this we have created a Facebook group site which you can click to here at

2 responses to “Getting started

  1. c.p.bhatnagar

    Perhaps due to western thinking, only bicycles are in the picture. What about Cycle Rickshaws which Africa desperately needs for not just passenger but a wide variety of commercial applications as well?

    Should be happy to extend help from India.

  2. Ms.Christine Kawuma Naigaga

    Hello Eric,

    Greetings and it has been awhile since we communicated. I hope your Taiwan activities are going on smoothly. There has been changes in the dates for the car free day in Kampala due to a number of reasons including more people coming on board and there is need to involve them so that we have a combined effort in advocating for sustainable urban transport in Uganda.

    There has been also many changes in kampala which would negatively impact on the aim of organizing a car free day. we have changed the strategies alittle; we are holding a cycle for fun which will be held on the 15th October 2011 at Makerere University to encourage and interest many to ride. This activity will help in publicizing the bigger car free day. I guess the dates and activities on the website will change.

    Thanks for supporting and promoting sustainable urban transport in Uganda.

    Kind regards,


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